Coalitions and Committees.

In order to be involved in our community and promote a healthy drug-free lifestyle, We pride ourselves in serving in over 3 separate coalitions and 9 different committees. Check out what each one is about below!

Meets to discuss issues related to youth trends of the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. This committee assists in scheduling prevention curricula and prevention activities in their schools as well as host the annual youth leadership conference.
Meets to discuss the trends of prescription drugs as it relates to individuals of this community. This committee participates and plan events such as drug take backs, town hall meetings, etc.
Meets to evaluate and measure the sustainability of different programs pertaining to ATOD prevention; such as the Community Planning Coalition, Pride Surveys, etc.
Meets to discuss all CPC community events and is responsible for all media coverage.
Meets to discuss different ordinances related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in our community. Members in this committee are responsible for…
Meets quarterly to discuss youth focused issues and plan prevention activities that addresses those issues.
Meets in order to educate parents on substance abuse prevention topics.
Meets to coordinate community events that address local substance abuse issues and drug trends.
Meets to discuss how the faith based community can address local substance abuse issues within their congregations as well as in the community.